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February 8, 2015

Hey guess what? I was interviewed on Asexual Artists yesterday! You can check it out here and learn way more about me, my writing, and my identity as an asexual person than you probably ever cared to, lol.

In other link-ly news!

• If you read the comic Lumberjanes (and I highly recommend that you do), you’ll notice the girls will exclaim things like, “Oh my Bessie Coleman!” or “Holy Mae Jemison!” But you may not know who all the people they’re referencing are. Well, now you do!

5 Ways to Stand Up to Toxic Messages and Accept Yourself as a Bisexual Person. I think the title says it all. Much of this is also applicable to biromantic people as well as bisexual people.

Seeking Queer Theology and Perfect Love That Casts Out Fear is a very moving article for queer Christians who do not feel willing to give up their faith despite the movement to ostracize within many mainstream churches, and makes a great argument for the formation of truly inclusive faith communities. A link within the article also led me to this really great article from 2013 that I never would have found otherwise.

How to be productive while living with chronic illness (or any sort of unpredictable life situation) would have been enormously helpful to me over the past year! I’m still happy I found this either way, though. A lot of these tips were ones I learned the hard way, and seeing them “recommended,” if you will, was pretty affirming. Even though I’m feeling better, in the interest of continuing to feel better and not driving myself into another hole of health problems, you can bet I’m going to be sticking to these tips.

• More on self-rejecting, this time from Kate Elliot, and about finding the courage to say yes to opportunities instead of taking the “safer” route of telling yourself that you’re not good enough.

A comparison of US healthcare vs. British from someone who has used both. This is a nice article because it simply compares the bugs and features of both systems, rather than taking a preachy tone or completely denigrating one to build up the other. Although the author ultimately prefers the NHS system, he doesn’t badmouth the US system or people who like it, which is, IMO, the best way to build middle ground and foster civility in any debate.

• Hey, here’s a very excellent comic explaining one of the latest major issues with Facebook, the site that keeps on giving (all its users crap).

And finally, everyone thank @a_sexy_asexual for the glory that is this:

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