Fourth World is joining the resistance!

May 17, 2016

Some brighter news today: I’m participating in a big 99¢-and-less sale with a group of my friends from the LFA. The sale runs from tomorrow (May 18) through the 20th!

The LFA—or, as I affectionately refer to them, “Henry’s Anarchy Brigade”—is where I made a lot of my first connections as a writer. My first short story, the Iamos tie-in “The Choice,” was featured in their anthology Imagining Liberty. I also originally intended to submit my short “Gale” (from Perchance to Dream) to George’s Defiant, She Advanced anthology, before health problems got in the way. (You can still see the anti-authoritarian themes in the final version!) They’re a great group with a lot of awesome stories that I think fans of Fourth World will really enjoy.


There are some familiar names from Perchance to Dream taking part: Allan Davis, Jon Garett and Richard Walsh! So if you liked their stories and wanted to check out more from them, now’s your chance! There are also some great YA titles in the bunch—Jon and Richard’s Seamus Tripp series, a YA/MG fantasy adventure; Tracy Lawson’s Resistance series, a YA dystopia; and Mike and Shell DiBaggio’s East End Irregulars, a YA superhero series.  You can find more info, including the full book list, here.

This is going to be the first time that Fourth World has been available at 99¢ on other venues besides Amazon, so if you’re not a Kindle user and have been wanting to pick up a copy of the book, now’s the time! You can find a full list of retailers here. Though the sale officially runs through May 20, I’m not planning on raising the price back up until Sunday or Monday, so you have through the weekend to grab your copy. Unless something changes, this will be your last chance to get it at a discount until Different Worlds comes out in September, so plan accordingly! ;-D

I’m also going to be joining in Tracy Lawson’s Between the Covers with George Donnelly and Mike DiBaggio on Thursday at 10:00 PM EDT/7:00 PM PDT. You can watch us live on, or afterwards on YouTube. This is my first time doing a live interview, so fingers crossed that I don’t freak out or anything 😀

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