Spring is almost here?

Happy March! I don’t know how it’s been where you live, but here it’s been ridiculously springy since January. So on the one hand, it feels like, “Whoa, it’s already March?” But on the other hand, it feels like, “Hasn’t it been March for two months?”

But at least it’s been raining. 😀

Anyway, March is a busy month for me! Here’s a peek at everything going on in the coming month:

March is for MRI

It’s time for my annual brain MRI, fun times! Nothing like spending an hour in a glorified washing machine to start the month off, right? I’ve blogged about my health issues before, but here’s the short version: I had surgery in 2014 to remove a benign pituitary tumor, but my follow-up MRI in March of last year showed that I still had a second one that was too small for the surgeon to remove. So that means I need to continue to have annual scans to make sure, you know, that it doesn’t grow and stuff. And March is the lucky month!

MRIs are a little bit on the pricey side (this is an understatement), so things are going to be a bit tight for me this month. Want to help an author out? There’s a few ways you can do that! Buying a book is one—and if you happen to buy a copy of Fourth World through my online store, it will be signed AND you’ll get a sparkly bookmark as well! Another way you can help, if you’re an indie author yourself or happen to know of any, is to use my paperback formatting services. I would greatly appreciate the business, and it would definitely help with the medical expenses. And, of course, if you’re unable to do any of those things, any good thoughts you could send my way would be wonderful. ♥

Author Spotlight on The Pack of Aces

This month, we’re switching things up on The Pack of Aces! We’re putting the focus on other ace authors, and we’ve had a great turnout. We’ve got 18 author spotlights scheduled for this month, meaning that we’re going to have posts every other day! Our first interview is with Cait Spivey, author of From Under the Mountain, so be sure to check that out when the interview goes live on Thursday. I’m very excited to read all the interviews—there’s a fantastic group of authors in there, including one of my favorites, Jacqueline Koyanagi! Huge thanks to our Ace of Squids, Claudie Arseneault, for putting this together. 😀


  • Jaylee James

    March 3, 2016 at 5:10 PM

    Woo! 🙂 Sorry to hear about your super expensive MRIs. :/ That is annoying. But good you’re taking care of yourself even if it’s pricey.


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