Lyssa’s Latest Reads: Soul of the Blade

March 4, 2016

Welcome to the new blog thing I’m doing for the next month (hopefully longer), where I share with you what I’ve been reading lately! I’ll post a new book every Friday. First up is Soul of the Blade by Brenda J. Pierson.


Soul of the Blade is a fantastic high-fantasy with a dash of science fiction. The story follows two sets of adventurers – Aeo and Dragana forming one reluctant team, and Raeb and Saydee another – on a quest to stop a mysterious disease, known as the Coming Madness, that is infecting the people of their world. Only the Taronese know what the Coming Madness is, how it’s caused and how to stop it. Long ago, they forged the Bok’Tarong, an enchanted sword that is the only thing that can kill the parasites causing the disease. But to end the plague, the adventurers will need more than just the sword – they’ll need to find a way to destroy the parasites’ source.

And I won’t say more than that, because this is an adventure I don’t want to spoil!

The story is an amazing, intricate roller coaster, with all sorts of mysteries that I got ridiculously excited figuring out. The writing is beautiful and reminiscent of my personal favorite author, Catherine Fisher. The characters are complex and endearing, and I loved watching them grow. I’m eager to re-read the book now, because it’s one of those stories with hidden layers of depth that come out with multiple readings. I highly recommend this book for fans of fantasy, particularly if you like Legend of the Seeker, The Legend of Zelda, or the anime Bleach.


  • Claudie

    March 23, 2016 at 8:25 PM

    Was just drifting on your blog and saw this and yesss 😀 I love SOUL so much <3

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