Lyssa’s Latest Reads: Heart of Glass

March 25, 2016

Welcome to this week’s Lyssa’s Latest Reads! This is a new blog thing I’m doing for the month of March, where I share with you what I’ve been reading lately! I’ll post a new book every Friday. This week, Heart of Glass by Marian Snowe!


Things have been really stressful the last few weeks, so I really needed a light and fluffy read that would help take my mind off everything going on in my life. This book has definitely fit the bill! Heart of Glass is a cozy and slow-building story about a woman who moves to a coastal New England town to get away from her problems, and uncovers a mystery surrounding an archaeological discovery on the beach—and a romance with the beautiful town historian. It’s got so many things I love, from history and archaeology to a fall-time setting complete with gloomy gray days and leaves on the wind. I’m about a third of the way done and can’t wait to see where the mystery leads. I’m already looking forward to reading more by Marian Snowe!

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