Alien Princess Sorority Girl

Alien Princess Sorority Girl

About the Book

Things haven’t exactly been normal for Laura Clark since she found out she’s alien royalty. As if learning to control her newfound superpowers wasn’t hard enough, now the Anesidoran Empress has chosen Laura as her heir. She wants Laura to return with her to Nibiru and reclaim the fabled Galaxy Sword, an ancient relic that’s said to grant the bearer the power to heal or destroy.

The only problem is, Laura isn’t interested in being the heir to the Anesidoran throne. And she certainly never wanted to get mixed up in the war between Earth and Planet X. She just wants to get through finals week in one piece, take her girlfriend, Shailene, to Gam Lam formal, and enjoy the last summer of her teens. Interplanetary diplomacy is seriously out of her league.

But she may not have a choice. Because someone else is looking for the Galaxy Sword—and if they find it first, it could spell the end of everyone and everything Laura holds dear…

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