Glossary of Iamoi Terms

(Note: This glossary is also available at the end of the ebook and print editions of Fourth World.)

* masculine nouns typically end in –os, feminine nouns typically end in –in

  • ALOS/ALIN – an affectionate term for a child
  • ANNUAL – birthdate
  • ELYTHERIOS – a word in the old Iamoi language, dating to before the Progression. It means “freedom.” The Liberator’s faction has co-opted much of the old language, including this word.
  • ENILIKIN – a person’s eighth annual (approximately sixteen in Earth years), signifying the transition from childhood to adulthood. A person who is now an adult is called an enilin or enilos.
  • ESOTOI – the middle caste of the Iamoi, who work alongside both patroi and plivoi
  • FRAOULOI – known in Isaak’s time as the “spider weed”; a resilient, woody black plant that can grow in almost any condition
  • GEROI – the governors of a citidome (singular: gerouin [feminine], geros [masculine])
  • GEROTUS – the united body of all geroi on Iamos and Hamos, similar to a senate
  • HAMOS – Venus
  • HAOI IFAISTEOI – “The Three Mountains”; the Iamoi’s name for the three Martian shield volcanoes we know as Elysium Mons, Hecates Tholus, and Albor Tholus
  • IAMOS – Mars
  • KYRIOS/KYRIN – a formal term of address, its closest English equivalent being “lord” or “lady”
  • PATROI – the most prestigious caste of the Iamoi
  • PLIVOI – the bottom caste of the Iamoi, considered to be the “drudges”
  • S.C.D. – “System Collective Date”; the annual-count system of the Iamoi, dating back to when the System estimates human civilization first arose on Iamos
  • SIMOS – Earth
  • YACUNOS/YACHIN – beloved, sweetheart