Iamos Trilogy Series Recaps

Because The Iamos Trilogy was released over a period of almost eight years, with long gaps between the releases of each book, I have put together these detailed recaps of what happens in each of the books to help remind readers of everything that went on so they don’t have to re-read the whole series if they don’t want to. Please note that these recaps cover EVERYTHING that happened in the books, so there will be SPOILERS. Nothing is held back in these, so don’t read them unless you’ve already read the books. You will be 100% spoiled.

(Note that recaps are only available for the first two novels and the novella. There’s no need to recap One World, since this is just to jog your memory so you can then read One World.)

The Recaps

  1. Fourth World
  2. Different Worlds
  3. New World