Two short stories – for free!

If you follow me on social media, you may have seen me post that Wings of Renewal, the solarpunk dragon anthology that my short story “Seven Years Among Dragons” was published in, was going out of print. That means that the rights have reverted back to me, so I decided that I wanted to give back to my fans and give you all a chance to read “Seven Years Among Dragons” for FREE!


As of today, “Seven Years Among Dragons” is available on Amazon for $0.99, but for the next month, I am also giving a copy away to subscribers to my newsletter for free on InstaFreebie! All you have to do is click that link, enter your email address and claim your free copy. After a month passes, I’ll be removing it from InstaFreebie and putting it in Kindle Unlimited, so if you aren’t a Kindle user, now’s your time!

“Seven Years Among Dragons” is a limited-time freebie, but did you know that I have another short story that’s always free and exclusively available to fans? “The Choice” is my award-winning short set in the world of Iamos, featuring the origins of two characters we encountered in Fourth World, Eos and Marin. I’ve been offering this as a free perk for newsletter subscribers for the last year, but the way I was distributing it before was proving to be quite a bit of hassle and most people weren’t claiming their freebie. So I decided to make it easier on everyone by uploading this one to InstaFreebie as well!

The Choice Cover - resized

Both of these freebies are available to both new and current subscribers to my newsletter. Even if you are already subscribed to my list, simply enter your name and email again to get your copy—it won’t affect your current subscription at all.

I hope you enjoy these two short stories! 😀

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