Cheerleaders From Planet X News!

If you didn’t see on Facebook, I finally have some concrete news about the infamous Cheerleaders From Planet X!

  • There is finally an official release date: September 26, 2017!
  • The book is done and is currently with my editor! If you signed up for an ARC, I will be sending those links out sometime in mid-August.
  • The book is available now for preorder. The ebook is an Amazon exclusive and will be part of Kindle Unlimited after release. The preorder price is just Β $0.99 (the book’s regular price will be $2.99, and it will be going up a few days after release), so if you’re not a Kindle Unlimited subscriber and want to grab this one for cheap, make sure you get it while it’s on preorder!
  • You can also preorder the paperback through my online store. As with the Iamos Trilogy, I’m having a special art postcard made to go with all paperback purchases made through my store. πŸ™‚

Thank you all so much for being patient while I finished up this book. I’m so happy to finally be getting this one out in the world!

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