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An Extra Story in A Touch of Magic

One of the authors who planned to participate in the upcoming anthology A Touch of Magic had to pull out, so I was able to submit an extra story for the book! So there will be two stories (both fairy tale retellings) from me in the collection. The bonus story, “Witch,” is a spin on Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid from the Sea Witch’s perspective. I know there have been a lot of Sea Witch retellings recently, but most of them seem to draw a lot of inspiration from the Disney version (*cough* octopus *cough*). This one is 100% HCA, make of that what you will.

Ideally, at some point I would like to write a full length novel sort of in the same vein as this story. I’ll keep you posted if that ever comes about!

One World Blurb

Things have been progressing more quickly than expected, which means that I’ve been able to work on One World much sooner than I’d originally planned! So I now have the full jacket blurb plus a tentative release date: September 29, 2020. I’ll of course keep you all posted if that changes. But in the meantime, here’s the blurb!

IAMOS, S.C.D. 8378
One choice was all it took to put two worlds in jeopardy—but that choice could be the thing that saves them both.

By choosing to betray the geroi, Nadin saved the lives of her friends in the future, but it may have cost her own. Imprisoned and sentenced to a fate worse than death, her only hope of rescue may lie in trusting the one person her heart tells her to distrust most: Ceilos, her one-time partner and a traitor in his own right. But accepting Ceilos’ help may be the only hope Nadin has of reuniting with Isaak… and saving both Iamos and Mars.

Time is running out. Something is coming, something powerful enough to change the face of the entire solar system. If Nadin and Isaak can’t figure out how to stop it, all of Iamos will be destroyed.

Little do they know that’s been the Liberator’s plan all along…

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