My books are now on Smashwords! And they’re on sale!

As I mentioned earlier this year, thanks to the Draft2Digital and Smashwords merger, books distributed through D2D were going to be available on the Smashwords Store sometime this year. And that time is now! You can now find all my ebooks on Smashwords here.

And this came just in time for the annual Smashwords end-of-year sale! That means you can grab all my books at 75% off on Smashwords now through January 1.

Pricing for my books is as follows:

You can also grab our fairy tale retellings anthology, Magic at Midnight, for $1.24! And my short stories are all free, but that’s how they always are, so no news there πŸ˜…

So, if you are a reader who uses Smashwords to get your books, you finally have your chance to grab all my books at a great price!

Check out the whole sale

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