An announcement about The Iamos Trilogy (sort of)

I posted about this on Twitter today, but I want to post about it everywhere so everyone sees it (this should push to Goodreads and Amazon, too, so hi everyone!): there’s a bit of a restructuring going on with The Iamos Trilogy. Well, not really, but I just wanted to get everyone’s attention about this now so you’re not like WTF  when New World comes out.

If you’re here, then you’re probably aware that there is one novel (Fourth World) and one novella (Different Worlds) available in The Iamos Trilogy right now. I think (based on sales and what I’ve seen people say online) that most people were thinking they were going to skip Different Worlds and only read the main books in the trilogy, or read Different Worlds at the end. I had originally intended to structure the series to accommodate this, but I’m getting to the stage in the series where I’m able to step back, look at the whole overarching plot, and realize: I don’t think you can get by without reading Different Worlds before New World. I’ve tried my damnedest, but just too much goes on in Different Worlds for me to just summarize or skirt around. I think it’s easier and will flow much better for readers if, instead of wasting your time even bothering with that, I just put a big flashing banner up that says


So, consider this that. I’m also going to put a note in the front of New World, and I’m going to rearrange the series on Amazon and elsewhere so that it’s obvious to new readers the order you need to go in.

For those of you who have been looking forward to New World, we’ve still got a couple months (is this my official announcement that I decided to go with the July release date?) so if you haven’t bought/read Different Worlds yet, you still have time. To make it easier on you, I’ve lowered the price on DW to just $0.99! It’s still processing at most retailers, but as of right now the discounted price is live at Gumroad and Google Play.

So, to review, this is the order you need to read The Iamos “Trilogy” in:

Fourth World -> Different Worlds -> New World -> One World

  • Fourth World (novel) is narrated by Isaak and Nadin
  • Different Worlds (novella) is narrated by Henry and Tamara
  • New World (novel) is narrated by Isaak and Nadin
  • One World (novel) will be narrated by Isaak and Nadin AND Henry and Tamara

I’m not planning on changing the covers or anything at this time. Different Worlds is still a novella, so I think it works to just say: read the novella in between the first and second books. That should be sufficient, I hope.

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Did you see the announcement on my blog yesterday? It's about the Iamos Trilogy! I'll wait here while you go read it 😉 . . . Though the Iamos Trilogy has always been Isaak and Nadin's story, it stopped being *just* their story a while ago. For a long time, it's been just as much Henry and Tamara's. That's why I wrote this tie-in novella, DIFFERENT WORLDS, in between books one and two of the series—because so much goes on during Isaak's time on Iamos that it needed a whole book to fill it in. My intention from the beginning had been that while you'd need to read FOURTH WORLD before you read DIFFERENT WORLDS, you wouldn't need to read DIFFERENT WORLDS before you read NEW WORLD. However, I've come to realize that that plan just wasn't practical—and it was taking way more effort to try to fill in the gaps for readers who might not have read DIFFERENT WORLDS than it would take for me to just say, "Go read it." And I also think you'd be missing out on a lot by skipping DIFFERENT WORLDS, because it's by far my favorite book that I've written. I'm at a point in the series now where I can look at the whole story and say that DIFFERENT WORLDS needs to be there, particularly because Henry and Tamara are going to be back on narrator duty in book 3! . . . So! If you are a fan of the Iamos "Trilogy" or were considering reading it, keep in mind, the order you need to read it in is: FOURTH WORLD ➡️ DIFFERENT WORLDS ➡️ NEW WORLD ➡️ ONE WORLD. And to help you out, DIFFERENT WORLDS is going to be on sale for $0.99 at least until NEW WORLD comes out this summer! #bookstagram #scifi #sciencefiction #yabooks #yalovin #ireadya #weneeddiversebooks #bookish #amwriting #lyssaigfeed

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