New World Official Release Date

I finally have an official release date for New World! The second full novel of the Iamos Trilogy will be released on September 25, 2018 from Snowy Wings Publishing. At last! 🎉

With the official release date comes the long-overdue preorder. The book’s been up for preorder at non-Amazon retailers for several months now, with ever-fluctuating publication dates. Now that the date has been finalized, it is now additionally available for preorder through Amazon, Gumroad, and the SWP online store. Print preorders will be available at retailers sometime hopefully in the next few weeks.

Anyone who preorders a copy of the book, whether from the SWP online store or another retailer, can get these fun preorder goodies:

It’s a double-sided bookmark (both sides pictured here, that’s why it looks like there are two) and one of these glossy stickers of the GSAF logo to slap on your laptop, a binder, or anywhere you’d like to share the wave of the future and show your support for dystopian totalitarian governments! 😀

You can get this swag if you preorder the book—either the print (hardcover or paperback) edition OR the ebook—and forward a copy of your receipt to me at If your receipt doesn’t have your address on it, make sure you send me that as well so I can send you your swag. This offer is open internationally!

New World turned out to be a long one, which is part of the reason it’s coming out three months later than originally planned—I’m still waiting on finalized edits, but I’m estimating it will be around 80-100 pages longer than Fourth World was. And from my outline, I’d thought that it was going to be around 80 pages shorter than Fourth World. So that was a surprise. There’s a loooot of action in this one, so I hope you’ll all enjoy it. I can’t wait to finally share it with you on September 25!

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