ONE WORLD is coming October 24!

You may already know this, since I’ve posted it just about everywhere except here on my website… but if you didn’t know: One World is finished! Finally! After all this time, it finally has an actual, OFFICIAL release date!

One World, the final book of the Iamos Trilogy, will be published on October 24, during Ace Week!


I am very excited to finally be bringing you all the conclusion to this series. I know it’s been a long time coming, and it’s been just as hard for me as it’s been for all of you. It took a lot longer than I expected to write this series, and it was a difficult journey as I struggled with my health the whole way. But I think that the end result will be worth the wait. I am happy that the pieces all came together the way I envisioned eight years ago, and I am grateful that my outline for the ending was so detailed because it really helped me stay on target even with the brain fog. 😂 I hope you all will be happy to see how Isaak, Nadin, Henry, and Tamara’s adventure ends, and that the series conclusion will be everything you hoped for.

The book has gone through its developmental edits and revisions; now it’s going through a continuity check to ensure that every detail lines up correctly with the previous books in the series, and from there it will be on to line/copy and proofs. At that point, the ebook will be made available to my Patrons on Patreon—so if you’re interested, you can support me there and get the book early!

For those of you not on Patreon, the ebook is available now for preorder at most online retailers—not Google Play yet, though, because they wouldn’t let me set up an assetless preorder and I don’t want to upload any files until it’s completely edited and formatted, so there are no snafus with readers being sent the wrong file. It will be on Google Play, though, so if you read your books there, it should be available for you as the release date gets closer!

ebook preorder links

The ebook preorder is also on sale for 25% off at Smashwords through the end of July! This is the only sale I’m planning on running for the preorder, so if you use Smashwords, be sure to grab it before the end of the month to get it for less than $5!

If you prefer to read in print, the print preorders will likely be up sometime in late September, once all the edits are finalized and the interior layout has been completed. I’m still working out how to do the print preorders because there’s going to be a significant price difference for the paperbacks at non-Amazon retailers, so I may try to do some kind of direct purchasing option so you can also get the paperbacks from me and still get that cheaper price like you’d get through Amazon. Watch this space!

I am planning on doing a preorder campaign with some kind of physical reward (such as bookmarks, stickers, and/or art cards), but I’m still figuring out what kind of perk to offer, so I haven’t announced that yet. If you’ve already preordered, be sure to hang onto your receipt so you can submit it when the preorder campaign is launched!

This has been a long road, and it’s pretty surreal to me that the journey is almost over. (And is already over for me in a lot of ways!) I’m sure I’ll have more to say about that in the coming weeks and months, so watch this space!

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