What’s the deal with the print edition of NEW WORLD?

In my newsletter that went out on Friday, I said that the files had been submitted to the printer and that the book should be available for preorder everywhere soon. Well, I messed up, because the files I submitted to IngramSpark had the wrong ISBN on them. This is why you don’t work when tired. Customer service was able to correct the ISBN almost immediately, but for some reason the titles are not moving on to the next step, which means I can’t approve them which means they’re not being sent out to retailers. It could take 1-3 more business days for this to be resolved, which means at this point we’ll be lucky if the print editions are available at any retailer besides Amazon even by release date itself.

(The paperback is available on Amazon now. Actually, they will even ship to you now if you order it today. Because Amazon doesn’t give a damn about release dates. The hardcover, though, is stuck in premedia hell along with the non-Amazon paperback edition.)

Because of this problem, I am extending the “preorder” offer, since people who want the print edition aren’t able to preorder it. Anyone who purchases a copy of the print edition of New World by October 15 can forward their receipt to me at webmiss@lyssachiavari.com to get the sticker and bookmark. The deadline for ebook orders is still September 25, since there’s no issue with the ebook.

Remember: open internationally, available to anyone who preorders the print OR ebook edition!

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