Iamos pronunciation guides available now!

When you’re writing a book series that’s heavy on lore, sometimes you can fail to see the forest for the trees… and I was definitely guilty of this when I was developing the Iamoi language for the Iamos Trilogy. Since Iamos is (in the continuity of the series) supposed to be the origin of the Atlantis myth, which is primarily associated with ancient Greece, the Greek language played a heavy role in this fictional language, and since I knew that, the pronunciation seemed self-evident to me. It wasn’t until I heard friends and family struggling with the Iamoi words in the series that I realized that what seemed obvious in my head was not obvious to anyone besides me. ๐Ÿ˜…

But I have set out to rectify my mistake! I’ve spent the past few months compiling a phonetic glossary of (what I hope is) every Iamoi word that appeared in the Iamos Trilogy. You can find that here, with a written pronunciation guide for every word.

Iamoi Glossary & Pronunciation Guide

Additionally, I also recorded two videos: One with me saying each of the words from the glossary:

And another where I’m saying all the names of Iamoi characters:

If you’ve ever struggled with pronouncing any of the words in the Iamos Trilogy, I hope these resources will be helpful for you!

Thank you so much to everyone who has been so supportive in the months following One World‘s release. I’m so happy that the series is finally out in the world, and that readers can now experience the full story from start to finish!

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